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We use RaidCall for our voice chat. Please download at and join us at group ID 4765306
Guild News

Just an Update

Skarawen, Sep 3, 12 8:48 AM.
Things are going well for the guild, we have a lot of new members, welcome to you all!

We are really enjoying WvW, however I would like to get some more PVE events going soon, and we will be organizing PVP teams very shortly. I will be conferring with the officers throughout the week to set up more PVE events, such as map completion runs and dungeons.

Hope everyone is enjoying GW2, cya all in game.

First Guild Event, and Rules

Skarawen, Aug 31, 12 12:24 PM.
Our first runs start tonight at 8pm EST. We will be doing Ascalonian Catacombs.

To participate you must have at least 30s for repairs, and be level 30. You will die, alot.

While I am not sure what good DKP will be for us yet, we will be awarding DKP for participants. I will find something to use it for later on. To be awarded DKP you need to sign up to be a member on the site, participate in the event from start to finish of a dungeon run, and have your character listed on the roster.

We will be awarding 3 DKP to participants, and 5DKP for party leaders.
Party leaders need to send me a list of the participants that were in their party, you must have at least 2 members of the guild in your party to qualify for leader award, and you must have done the dungeon before, because you will be expected to tell everyone what to do not just do the invites.

Hope you all have fun running the dungeon tonight. Cya in game!

Bug Fixed

Skarawen, Aug 30, 12 3:08 AM.
Guild bug is fixed and we are on our way with researches. Current progress we have our emblem and working towards opening the guild bank!

Issues with the guild system

Skarawen, Aug 26, 12 7:27 AM.
We got affected by the guild bug. I am still in the guild, still the leader, however I can not see or access any guild functions. This is seriously hendering our growth. I wish there was something I could do, but until Arenanet fixes it we just need to bear with it. Feel free to send me a tell anytime if you need anything. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and we can get back to researching guild techs.


Skarawen, Aug 24, 12 4:18 PM.
I thought I would place a copy of the newsletter here for new members and those who might have missed it.
Woot it is an exiting time for us, headstart is almost here. There is a huge update so get to patching your clients ASAP!

We need everyone to roll on Gate of Madness server, once you are in game, try to send a whisper to Skarawen Desfatal to get your guild invite.

I will be doing a little pve at the begining, just to have some fun and get my skills unlocked before heading to wvw. If you would like to join us in pve land, we will be mostly hanging out in the Asura area at first.

To go to a different homeland than your own, simply find the big portal to your capital city, then find the portal to Lion's Arch. From Lion's Arch you can go to any of the homelands you choose. That is also where you can enter the portal for wvw.

For those who do not know, the wvw queue tends to not work correctly. If there is a queue time it is best to go to lions arch, go to the gate, and keep pressing the f key until it lets you in.

Fierceburger has been working on pvp templates and guides, they are available in the library section if you would like to look them over.

Our first major guild event will not be until a week after official launch. Due to the layered map it will be hard to get everyone in the same zone on the same layer until it has cleared out some, so do not worry if you do not see events right out of the gate.

We need to start recruiting, just /ginvite name players that do not have a guild. We will be monitoring activity and will quickly remove players who do not fit in with our community. To help the guild all you need to do is play the game, each achievement you earn, event you complete, quest you do, vista you view adds influence to the guild for us to research perks.

Look forward to seeing you all in game!
Welcome to Dark Prophecy Rising!
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